What’s going on there folks earthmaster here checking in on this evening it is March 24th 2020 Tuesday 808 p.m. and we got a major coming into the area you can see it showing up super nicely on all of the data stations that’s a very strong and obvious signature of a major quake somewhere on earth and that major quake is taking place out here in the northeast of japan region.

They got this set at a 7.8 magnitude earthquake at a depth of About 59 kilometers we’ll go ahead and check out the latest map in regards to all this activity here it’s gonna be one second I did check the tsunami statement well go ahead and look at that I guess real quick here before we look into other maps this is from the tsunami warning center this is number one this is a tsunami information statement for Alaska British Columbia Washington Oregon and California.

Earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis potentially dangerous to coast Outside the source region they’re currently analyzing everything folks but it’s possible that there could be a destructive wide tsunami in the region there I will continue to monitor this and update it if need be when the second statement comes out but right now they’re stating that it is and it could be possible that there was a tsunami generated from this earthquake.

You can see the red circle there indicating the major quake this was originally set at I believe a 7.5 on a couple Graphs a couple data stations there but this one’s been upgraded from the USGS 7.8 right there on that trench I believe that’s kind of like a subduction zone area right there capable producing a little bit stronger quakes and what it just did but nonetheless this is definitely a strong quake in the region there we will continue to continue to monitor this as the tsunami statements become available.

Let’s see here real quick here and I just read this one unless they just updated a Second one I only see the first one right there so we’re still only looking at the tsunami statement number one and that’s the one I had just read once again 7.8 earthquake out in the western part of the Pacific Ring of Fire just off the coast of out there.

Northeast of the Japan region and – tsunami statement once again earthquakes of this size are known to generate tsunamis potentially dangerous to coast outside the source region so that could be West Coast Hawaii South America We will have to continue to monitor this and for now stop this update video and get back on the live stream here 7.8 earthquake off the coast of Russia in the Pacific Ring of Fire out there in the ocean folks stay safe.


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