In breaking news coming in a strong with a magnitude of 7.5 struck off the eastern russian coast to the north of japan but no tsunami warning was issued by Japanese authorities the quake was measured very deep at around five hundred and eighty kilometres below the earth’s surface joining us is a senior editor vivek.

We make are there any reports of loss of lives injuries a destruction of property all we are just getting preliminary information and according to the US Geological Survey which actually maps earthquakes occur across the globe they said it’s a very strong earthquake 7.5 which is one of the strongest quakes.

We’ve had in recent times but since it’s in the middle of the sea there is no immediate reports of damage or injuries and also the Japanese and Russian authorities have not have not issued a tsunami warning the quake hit about 1 p.m. local time on tuesday it was centered in the Pacific Ocean about 160 kilometers east of the Russian Coast and At a depth of 625 kilometers in Japan d they’re mature illogical agencies reported there is no risk of tsunami from the quake it’s reading showed the quake was mildly felt in northern japanese islands hokkaido and sections of Honshu Japan’s main island.

That’s the news as of now one more all right vague you’re telling us that no tsunami warning has been issued as of now but are we hearing anything from the authorities in as I told you along the southeastern coast of there have been minor tremors felt and also in Japan no not in the main island of Honshu but in the northern islands of hokkaido there have been mild earthquake felt as i said it’s only mild and the authorities as of now have ruled any chance of aftershocks odd of a tsunami happening.


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